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Tronic 5000 T

Tronic 5000 T

  • Tank Volume: 50, 80, 100L
  • modern design
  • steel tank with glass-ceramic protection, for increased hygiene and water in tank corrosion protection


  • Built-in safety thermostat to protect against overheating of water in the tank
  • Thermostat for temperature adjustment with
    • frost protection
    • summer mode
      • antibacterial protection
  • Non-return safety valve functions”
    • protects the tank from emptying in the case of closure of cold tap water
    • release water in case over increase of pressure
  • Connection for water supply and drainage of stainless steel
  • Diffuser at the entrance of the cold water for better stratification in the tank


  • Welds are made of plasma technology
  • Capillary thermostat high quality, for precise temperature control of hot water
  • Flange to replace the heater and anode, regular maintenance of the tank


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