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All DC Inverter Technology;All DC Inverter Compressor;Technology of Maximum Torque Control with Minimum Current; 180° Sine Wave DC Speed Varying Technology; Sensorless DC Inverter Fan Motor; Non-polar CAN technology;88HP Max Capacity.



All DC inverter technology to improve compression efficiency

All DC inverter compressor and high-performance high pressure chamber are adopted to reduce loss of overheat and improve compression efficiency from direct intake. Compared with low pressure chamber, the compression efficiency is improved. High-efficient permasyn motor is adopted to provide better performance than traditional DC inverter compressor.

Sensorless DC inverter fan motor

Stepless speed regulation ranges from 5Hz to 65Hz.Compared with traditional inverter motors, the operation is more energy-saving.

Technology of maximum torque control with minimum current

It can reduce energy loss caused by device winding so as to realize higher efficiency.

Low-frequency torque control

It can directly control motor torque, through which fan motor can run at a low speed. Users will feel more comfortable while requirements of the system are also met.

180° sine wave DC speed varying technology

It can satisfy various places’ demands for different temperature and is able to save a great deal of electricity and provide users with utmost comfort at the same time


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